Saint Julien Cathedral

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Saint Julien Cathedral

St. Julian's Cathedral: to be seen during your stay in the hotel

Located in the heart of the city’s historic centre and a few minutes away from the ACE Hotel, Saint-Julien Cathedral is astonishing due to its size, which makes it one of the largest religious buildings in France. Built between the XI and XV centuries, it boasts one of the most stunning arrays of stained-glass windows. You will uncover a celestial arrangement of forty-seven immensely delicate musician angels on the vaults of the chapel of the Virgin. Over the centuries, the cathedral has grown in beauty with the changing architectural styles and master builders. Although the nave is built in the Roman style, the eastern end, with its inversed Y-shaped buttresses, is a perfect example of Gothic art. On leaving this remarkable building, look for the prehistoric menhir. It is said that if you press the rough section with your finger that next year you will have good luck and happiness in all areas of your life… 

Found at: Saint-Julien Cathedral is just a few minutes away from ACE Hotel Le Mans Nord.

Cathédrale Saint-Julien
2 place Saint Michel
72000 Le Mans