Le Mans: the city’s historic centre

Le Mans City Guide

Le Mans: the city’s historic centre

Le Mans historic centre: not to be missed during your hotel stay

Le Mans: The City’s Historic Centre

A listed “Town of Art and History”, the city centre bears the flamboyant vestiges of the Plantagenet dynasty, which bestow it with a unique charm. The many narrow paved streets with half-timbered houses and Renaissance mansions provide a backdrop that tells the story of this well-preserved city’s rich past. Often used by filmmakers, Vieux Mans is a dream setting for a stroll with your nose in the air, like Gérard Depardieu in Cyrano de Bergerac.

The words of Edmond Rostand echo at the heart of the red village: “Yes, sometimes I melt into the blue night, and wander into a garden where time is fragrant.”

Further information: It takes 10 minutes from ACE Hotel to visit the Red Pillar House, the symbol of the Plantagenet City.