Bellanger: the king of chocolate

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Bellanger: the king of chocolate

Bellanger: a must-eat during your stay in our hotel

Bellanger: The king of chocolate

Jacques Bellanger is an artist. Assisted by his son Vianney, he makes chocolate squares and bars that are simply divine in a shop located near our ACE Hotel Le Mans Nord. There is absolutely no doubt that when you enter the doors of the boutique you will, like us, succumb to temptation. Filled with salted caramel, Sicilian pistachio, extra crunchy praline, the chocolate bars are all, without exception, outrageously delicious. As for the squares, well, we’ll leave you to find out for yourselves…

Found at: The Bellanger chocolate store is located in the city centre, only a few minutes away from the hotel in Le Mans.

Chocolaterie Bellanger
2 rue de l’Etoile
72000 Le Mans